Hex-a-dex color game - Rules

The goal of the game is to guess the background color, which slowly reveals itself. If you are on mobile, you will instead find this color in the boxes on the right BELOW your most recent guess. The color starts being completely hidden, but then is split to just be if the red, green, or blue value is high or low. It then reveals the closest websafe color, and finally the true color. To guess the background color, you will have to write in its hexadecimal value, which is trimmed to only include one digit for each red, green, and blue.

Type in a code and click enter to check if the code is actually the correct answer. If it is, you win! If not, you will still gain valuable information. Other then the color of the entry appearing to the box on entry's right, the background color of the red, green, and blue of the entry will change depending on these conditions:

  • If the associated slot is green, that is the correct answer for the slot.
  • If it is yellow, that is the correct answer for one of the other slots.
  • If it is gray, that is not the answer to any of the slots.
Let's play!
The current background color of the page is #ffffff, which, in the game, would be undefined.